The Lincoln Motor Company has been a symbol of luxury for decades. So much so in fact, that Lincoln limousines have been used to carry the man behind the desk of the highest office in the land on multiple occasions.


Now, at Bonham’s American Presidential Experience Auction (scheduled for October 14 in New York City), will see two classic presidential Lincoln limos used by President John F. Kennedy during his tenure in office.



The first, designated simply as “Limo One” is his white 1963 Lincoln Continental convertible. This is the very vehicle that carried JFK to the Hotel Texas Ballroom on the morning of November 22, 1963, where he delivered his final speech to the American people.


Just for clarity, this vehicle is NOT the same limo in which the President met his ultimate fate later that day, as that vehicle was impounded as evidence, and later modified further before (surprisingly) re-entering service for another 13 years. Today, that limo resides in the Henry Ford Museum.


Nevertheless, Kennedy’s white Lincoln Continental limo is considered an important link in U.S. presidential history. It has recently been restored by Baker Restoration in Putnam, Connecticut. It has received a full respray and a newly rebuilt motor, though the red leather interior has been left in wholly original condition.


This ride has been assigned an estimated value of $300,000 to $500,000.



The second presidential Lincoln up for auction is a 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Executive Limousine. 


JFK routinely used this vehicle for personal trips in and around Washington D.C. For added security, it was outfitted with bulletproof doors, a divider, passenger air controls, and a two-way telephone.


This Lincoln Mark V has been fully restored, but again, the original interior has been left untouched. This vehicle has been assigned an estimated value of $200,000 to $300,000.


These presidential limos are certainly not your everyday Lincolns. However, in fairness, everyday Lincolns are not your everyday vehicles.


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