Pennsylvania roads are infamous for creating excessive wear and tear on your vehicle. One of the most common areas affected by this is your car’s suspension system.


A typical example shock or strut is designed to operate at maximum efficiency for approximately 50,000 miles, but rough roads and potholes can decrease this lifespan dramatically.


When your suspension system starts to wear, you may experience ride stiffness, harsh bumps, strange noises, or an overly bouncy cruise. Not only does this lead to an uncomfortable drive, but it can also pose a serious safety hazard if left unaddressed.


At Haldeman Lincoln in Allentown, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with as much information as possible when it comes to the maintenance required by your luxury vehicle. Without further ado, here are five signs that your vehicle’s suspension may be in need of repair.

Unusually Rough Rides 

This first entry may seem obvious, but it’s often easy to blame this sign of a failing suspension system on rough roads. 


One of the first signs that a suspension system is experiencing an issue is when you start feeling every bump in the road. This is especially true for the luxury Lincoln rides available at our dealer, since luxury suspension systems are carefully optimized to make your drive as smooth as possible.


When you begin feeling every bump, or if it appears that your vehicle is “bouncing” down the road, you may be in need of suspension repair.

Slight Pulls or Drifts While Turning 

Another sign that your suspension system is falling is you feel your vehicle pulling or drifting in a particular direction when you turn. 


Usually, this means that your vehicle’s shocks are no longer keeping the body of your vehicle firmly in place. This can be experienced as a result of centrifugal force when turning, increasing your risk of a roll-over.


Experiencing this sensation when you corner is never a good sign.

Damaged or Oily Shocks 

If you are able to look beneath your vehicle and visually inspect your car’s struts or shocks, take special note if these parts appear strangely greasy or oily.


If so, chances are high that your suspension system is leaking fluid somewhere. A reduction in necessary fluids will do your car no favors in keeping the body of your automobile properly suspended. If you notice this occurrence, it’s time to replace your shocks.

Uneven Tire Wear  

Your tires are another component of your car that you can visually inspect to determine if you may have a suspension issue. 


If you notice that some of your tires are wearing unevenly compared to others, this may indicate an uneven or weak suspension setup.


If you start noticing bald spots on different areas of your tires, call Haldeman Lincoln’s professional service center immediately.

Dips or Dives While Braking

Worn out shocks can also cause the body of your vehicle to lurch forward when braking, even if you don’t brake especially hard. 


The most obvious sign of this type of lurching is a front-end nose dive. This is when your vehicle dips nose-first toward the ground when pressure is applied to the brake pedal.


This effect can actually limit your car’s ability to stop properly, which is not very good for safety on the road ahead.


If you notice any of these aforementioned issues, it’s important that you contact an experienced and professional automotive service center as soon as possible.


At Haldeman Lincoln Allentown, our service center is fully staffed with factory-certified technicians that truly know the ins-and-outs of your vehicle.

You can schedule your next service appointment with our dealer online, by phone, or in-person today. We look forward to serving you!
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