The More You Know: 3 Common Car Myths Debunked


Automobiles have been an everyday part of American lives for almost a century. As a result, many car-related myths and misconceptions have existed in our minds for years.


While many of these myths may have made sense at some point in history, times change. These days, modern automotive technology has made these concepts irrelevant.


Check out these three common car myths that still exist today despite having no real truth to them.

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Two Lincoln Limos Used by President John F. Kennedy Have Come Up For Sale


The Lincoln Motor Company has been a symbol of luxury for decades. So much so in fact, that Lincoln limousines have been used to carry the man behind the desk of the highest office in the land on multiple occasions.


Now, at Bonham’s American Presidential Experience Auction (scheduled for October 14 in New York City), will see two classic presidential Lincoln limos used by President John F. Kennedy during his tenure in office.

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3 Odd Car Noises and What Could Be Causing Them


Have you ever noticed concerning sounds while driving? Unusual sounds that a healthy, well-serviced car should not be making under normal conditions?


If so, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from or what may be causing it. 


At Haldeman Lincoln in Allentown, we want to provide you with all the information you need to better understand what’s going on with your ride. Here are three odd sounds your car may be making and what they could signify.

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5 Signs Your Suspension May Need Repair


PA roads are infamous for creating excessive wear and tear on your vehicle. One of the most common areas affected by this is your car’s suspension system.


A typical example shock or strut is designed to operate at maximum efficiency for approximately 50,000 miles, but rough roads and potholes can decrease this lifespan dramatically.


When your suspension system starts to wear, you may experience ride stiffness, harsh bumps, strange noises, or an overly bouncy cruise. Not only does this lead to an uncomfortable drive, but it can also pose a serious safety hazard if left unaddressed.

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