Luxury Convenience
With Lincoln Connect

Luxury isn't luxury without convenience. For the Lincoln Motor Company, this means providing you with the latest, most cutting-edge on-board technology available. Whether it be for driving information, passenger entertainment, or advanced comfort, Lincoln Connect™ aims to provide Lincoln Owners with exceptional modern equipment for any drive.

Make Lasting Connections

With available Lincoln Connect, you and your passengers never have to go off the grid. Using this incredible technology, you can enjoy seamless connectivity with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot capable of connecting up to ten devices simultaneously.

Lincoln Connect also works side-by-side with the Lincoln Way app, allowing you to locate, start, lock, or unlock your vehicle from anywhere. In addition, the Lincoln Way app allows you to track and manage your wi-fi data plan, schedule complimentary automotive maintenance, and get quick access to the account management experience.

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Here's How to Do it

In order to use Lincoln Connect's Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, you must first activate a data plan via AT&T. Once you do, you can start using this amazing feature right away by going to Settings via your vehicle's home screen.

While in the Settings menu, swipe left to locate the WiFi & Hotspot tile, choose the Vehicle Hotspot option, and be sure it is turned on. From there, you can further customize your wi-fi hotspot settings to set a custom password.

You can also view your data usage by selecting the Data Usage option and linking with the Lincoln Way app. Once authorized, you can view your family's data usage right from the on-board screen.

To connect your devices to your luxury vehicle go to settings on your device, then go to Wi-Fi Devices, and refer to your ride's Hotspot Settings screen to get your password, which you will then enter on your smart device. This will automatically connect your device to your luxury car or SUV.

Simply repeat this process for up to nine additional devices, and begin enjoying all the web browsing, video, or music streaming that comes with Lincoln convenience on the road.

The Lincoln Motor Company has always been the first name in luxury automotive, and at Haldeman Lincoln Allentown, we uphold that tradition of elegance. For any additional questions regarding Lincoln Connect, the Lincoln Way app, or how you can add this feature to your next Lincoln vehicle, feel free to contact us online, by phone, or in-person at your earliest convenience.

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