Lincoln Navigator

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Lincoln is built on a tradition of luxury, power, and control, and the all-new 2019 Lincoln Navigator merges these aspects perfectly. As a powerful presence on the road, and an exceptionally capable SUV, the Lincoln Navigator is designed to make every journey a safe and comfortable one.

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A Luxury Icon

Stand out and drive proud in every situation with the 2019 Lincoln Navigator. Specially designed to command respect and instill confidence with the Lincoln logo front and center on the iconic grille and powerful body contours, the Lincoln Navigator is a dominating presence.

Assertive Power

The 2019 Lincoln Navigator demonstrates its power and capability most when towing a trailer to a luxury vacation destination. With up to 8,600 lbs of towing power, and the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package with traction assist, bringing it all has never been easier.


Total Coverage

With all of the technology integrated into the 2019 Lincoln Navigator, every drive is completely covered. With the available 360-degree camera, the Lincoln Navigator can keep an eye on all sides in every situation. Utilizing advanced sensors and features like the Lane-Keeping system and Parking Assistance, driving in safety and luxury has never been easier.

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