The 2019 Lincoln Continental

The 2019 Lincoln MKZ VS The 2019 Acura TLX


Lincoln knows luxury. There's no two ways about it, and the 2019 Lincoln MKZ is the pinnacle of luxury, style, and capability in a sedan. The MKZ is more than the sum of it's parts. There's something special about getting behind the wheel of this vehicle, and it might be thanks to the incredible designers at Lincoln. For luxury, power, capability, and sleek style there is nothing compared to the MKZ - let us prove it.


First Class Comfort


In the fiercely competitive luxury sedan market it can difficult to narrow down your options to that one perfect vehicle, but if you've gotten this far you're almost all the way there. The Lincoln MKZ and the Acura TLX are certainly both beautiful vehicles, we won't lie, but the Lincoln checks all the right boxes and more that set it apart and ahead.


The spacious, comfortable 2019 Lincoln MKZ provides more room in the cabin, and we all know that on a long business trip legroom is the difference between a done deal and canceled contract. Why settle for "accomodating" when you could have "comfortable."

Lincoln MKZAcura TLX
Front Leg Room (in)44.3 42.6
Second Row Leg Room (in)3734.5
Front Head Room (in) (in)37.937.2
Front Shoulder Room (in)(in)57.757.5

Miles Ahead


In the Lincoln MKZ you won't just be comfortable, you'll be thrilled. This super sedan comes standard with a 2.0L turbocharged engine that delivers powerful prowess on your every route. When you get into the Lincoln MKZ you're not just stepping into luxury you're stepping into performance. When you get up to the twin-turbocharged 3.0L engine in the MKZ that's when you get some serious power, 400 horses to be exact. Acura's top TLX is about 100 horsepower short.


The same can't be said for the base Acura TLX. The TLX delivers less horsepower at a higher rpm which won't save you any money on premium fuel.

Lincoln MKZAcura TLX
Base Engine2.0L Turbocharged I-4 2.4L Inline-4
Horsepower245 at 5,500 rpm206 at 6,800 rpm

Safety and Technology Features


When you choose Lincoln you're not just choosing performance, luxury, and timeless design, you're choosing the best of the best in safety and entertainment technologies.

  • Active Noise Control - This technology built into the MKZ makes your ride utterly blissful. Microphones monitor the sound profile of the cabin and then a signal processor generates an opposing sound wave to cancel extraneous noise.
  • Revel® Audio built in - You can fill the silent MKZ with your favorite tunes, books, or podcasts with this premier 14-speaker system. Every note will come to life bringing you to a concert hall in the cabin
  • Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ - Lincoln Co-Pilot360 is the wealth of safety features that come standard with the MKZ. You might find some of these features in the TLX, but you won't find them all in the base model. Lincoln doesn't cut corners when it comes to the safety of their clients.

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